Freq. of operation [MHz]


Can Diameter [mm]


Cut-Off Freq. for TE11 Mode [MHz]


Cut-Off Freq. for TM01 Mode [MHz]


Guide Wavelength [mm] (λg)


λg/4 [mm]


0.75 * λg [mm]


Wavelength λ/4 [mm]



Very directional Antennas requiring little power for short distances, high frequency, high gain.These Modules operate between 300-MHz and 433-MHz. The TE11 (kind of propagation) cut-off (chopping/ attenuating the wave) frequency should be lower than 300-MHz and the TM01 cut-off should be higher than 433-MHz. The criteria for cutoff is that the circumference at the midpoint inside the dielectric must be less than a wavelength