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Dynamite comes in small packages!!


The Raspberry Pi, a Credit card sized Computer that runs off an SD-Card that's loaded with a Linux-Operating-System.



Designed to help teach programming to kids of all ages with good imaginations, the PI is easy to get started with.

Install an “img” using Windows: https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/installation/installing-images/windows.md

Maybe setup a personalized Media-Centre or two, or a Super Computer, maybe use the PI as a Web Server, or maybe a Bitcoin Miner for those Bitcoins, Play old Video-games, or make whole Consoles and Arcade cabinets, or start a project for your Car, maybe finish that invention.

Install Windows on a Raspberry:

Sky may not actually be the limit!

What could you do with a PI?



This mini Computer is finding it's way into many projects because of its size, the Raspberry Pi is about as large as a credit-card and it's a computer with a bit of power, at least for an ARM based processor, the same IC used in Arduino. The Hard-Drive memory depends on the SD-card used, they all have at least 256MB of RAM Memory, the most recent and the B version has two cores! The New Pi-2. The last version had the following benefits:


            The operating system Image files stored on the SD card make switching the image very simple, or to simplify duplication of the OS; the power adapter interface was considered during the design process and an Android Phone charger with a micro-USB can be used to power this small but powerful PC (not from your Lap-top or Tower USB port though, it needs some Amperage).

You can find Free Operating Systems on the Raspberry Pi Website, Compile your Own, or with the new Raspberry Pi-2 you can install Ubuntu, so EMC (Linux CNC) can be installed and run on the Micro-Sized Computer, and a person can use it for Control of a CNC.


            Earlier versions of the Raspberry Pi can be found for under $35.00, complete with a nice little case, and the new version PI B+ has a price tag at or around $50.00 USD, knowing all this information, you may want to pick one or two out for yourself.


            Learning how to program the Raspberry Pi can be rewarding and quite fun, it has lots of power for handling some pretty interesting things, expand on the project with the help of Arduino, the PI has 26-GPIO Pins so interfacing with ribbon cable or breakout boards works well, breakout boards and other things that plug into the GPIO pins can be found for purchase online, or just built your own.

The USB ports can also be used for expansion, or just connect the Keyboard and mouse into them on the "B" version, more USB ports can be found on the "B+" version for connecting other things.

Build a Media Center! People have developed special operating systems for the Raspberry Pi so it can be imaged with a media center operating system in a few minutes, The Raspberry Pi has an HDMI port so you can connect it to a monitor or a TV for and watching your favourite shows and movies, connect to your Router or Modem with the Ethernet port and interact with other devices.

Arduino with the PI:








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