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To move the falling blocks use the Arrow Keys on your Key Board.

      CNC is an acronym for (Computer Numerical Control), topics covered here include, Programming, Mechanics, and Design; A CNC can be made to take on any task a human can take on, in fact they already perform many dangerous and repetitive jobs for humans. Learn how a CNC can be used to help you!

Motors: Induction, Control, and the diffrent kinds of Motors.

Stepper motors
Some Radio theory

All Electric Motors are Induction Motors, the way they are controlled changes from motor to motor, but they all operate the same way.

The home you live in will have a wall outlet or two with 110VAC, Alternating 60Hz, or 60-times per second; in other words the power is going from positive to negative really fast, and as the power goes back and forth the coil in the Motor makes a Positive and Negative Polarity, in turn rapidly repelling or attracting an armature or stator causing the motor to spin.

Induction phase is a connection, if a Motor is three phase it means it can connect to three Alternating Power sources.